What do we propose for this CPI?

Creation of social, cultural and environmental ecosystems

The IPC 14 Argentina proposes to redesign the forms of alliances between groups, projects and initiatives to be able to work in harmony, regenerating from Regenerative Education, with a clear proposal.

  • Generate safe spaces for dialogue.
  • Have facilitators of community processes for large and diverse groups.
  • Invite them to recognize each other from our differences.
  • Generate spaces to make a collaborative design between all the movements, thinking and generating the movement that we would like to have.
  • Listen to children and young people, in their proposals for change.
  • Include our native peoples as part of the solution, listening to their proposals.
  • Include women, leaders of change initiatives.
  • Generate a space to get to know each other and enjoy the event in a fun and relaxed way.
  • Generate a clear alliance between groups of people.
  • Generate spaces where both local and Latino culture can be shown.

We will also have:

  • Spaces for traditional music and music from other parts of the world, theater, dance and art in general.
  • Spaces where we will share the different methodologies of healing and curing the physical body, with traditional medicine.
  • Space for women to converge.
  • One day of soil regeneration, we will plant native trees in affected areas.
  • We will listen to the Guarani grandparents of the area.