What is regenerative education and why?

We start from the fact that the word regeneration has its origin in systems theory.

In general, we can point out that, before the word "systems", all those who have defined it agree that it is a set of coordinated and interacting parts to achieve a set of objectives. They are dynamic and open.

What does this mean? that we live immersed in systems all the time, we are part of something bigger and we need to stop thinking that we are the center of the universe, and an isolated system.

Life is a system, changing and dynamic, and we need to adapt to changes in order to sustain ourselves over time, if we do not understand this part, that we live in constant changes and that from time to time we need to redesign forms and strategies.

We will always be in a constant struggle to maintain a system that is already obsolete, for different reasons. Nature acts in very different ways knowing that it is changing and needs to adapt to new conditions, and only in this way can it be maintained over time, plants They go and plants arrive, and that's fine, each one knows that it has completed its cycle and they assume their responsibility.

We know that each system is created based on a need and when it meets it, it transcends or dies, if it does not adapt to the new needs and conditions of the larger system.

Humanity, society, human beings live believing that everything is eternal and that what was always will be, and that they taught us, education taught us to compete and endure, in our ideologies, and ways of life.

Education is a fundamental part for us to live immersed in an obsolete thought, where I fight and struggle to survive because of my way of thinking and seeing the world, they cannot change it for me, we live in order and chaos thought that our life always has to be organized, by not getting to that we collapse and therefore we get sad, we get angry and we fight.

Education was created at a time when that form worked, because at that time it was necessary to create a system that recognized men and women, and that we all had access to it, creating a closed system that had certain parameters to function, and that's how it was that worked

Not everything has been bad, each system is created by a need, and when it is good it solves the immediate need, when we understand that systems are dynamic, alive and in constant movement, we understand that our system has to constantly adapt to work.

According to Nelson Mandela "Education is the best weapon to change the world" The reason for the creation of the Educational school was to create obedient people and transform them and then send them to the factories.


Regenerative design tells us that for a system to be sustainable it needs to adapt, unlike sustainability which asks to remain in time, in balance with nature, regeneration tells us that we must restore, renew and revitalize its own sources of energy and materials. while sustainable development is to continue growing without causing damage to the environment, the purpose of regeneration is to create human systems that do not have to be discarded, several disciplines are included in a single system.

That means that from time to time the members, the times and the conditions are changing and we need to integrate new things, when a system enters into chaos it is time to regenerate itself, to adapt to the new conditions.

Since we are a system, within another system and within another system, it is important to adapt and deeply observe what is happening in my environment to adapt, this does not mean that I have to put up with it, and say nothing, the interesting thing about this way is that if I have to communicate and say what I need to say, because that is the key to realizing that it is failing to regenerate it.

Speaking of regenerative education, we need to learn to observe more deeply what is happening outside, to ask and question ourselves, in order to know where the problem is and what I need to redesign to regenerate myself, learn to manage and understand our emotions since they are part of our internal system and help us to know what is happening to me, we need to learn to communicate in more loving ways and to listen in more conscious ways, so as not to take personally what others tell us, learn to relate knowing that we are all different beings and that each one has its truth, and way of seeing the world, but how do we learn to interact with these differences and know that these differences will be our strength as a system?

How we empower ourselves and act in more concrete ways using the different thoughts in our favor, to strengthen the system.

The problem today is that we think that there is only one truth and we try to adapt it to all situations, at any price, we care about the interaction with the larger system but how that system adapts to me, and if each one of we are acting separately in this way, the system is atomized and weakened.


Education is one of the main systems, which today is out of time, and is the basis of the ignorance of the human being, in Social, ecological, Economic and cultural issues.

That is why it is necessary to redesign the educational system and we are not only talking about educational centers (schools), education in our homes and communities has also stagnated, parents stopped worrying about educating their children at home, leaving the school all responsibility, regenerative design invites us to look at education in another way, not as a closed system, the educational system should be in constant movement and learning since we are in times of very rapid change, which require rapid changes and adaptations, to being able to interact in synergy with the environment in which we live, education needs rapid regeneration, to adapt to the new times.