Frequently Asked Questions for
Volunteer program of the 14th IPC Argentina

When is the first possible date to arrive as a Base Volunteer (VB) in Colonia El Paraíso?

The first date to be able to reach the program is from May 15, 2022. 

Until what date can I send my request?

The program is until March 2023, you must submit your application at least one month before the date you plan to arrive at the apprenticeship program in Madre Selva.

Where is Madre Selva located?

We are in Misiones-Argentina, 25 km from Soberbio, in Colonia Paraíso km 10.

How far is it to the center of the next town with a store? How do I get there?

In the area there are small stores where you can walk 500 meters and you can find basic things such as food, cookies, drinks, personal utensils, etc.

The largest shops are in the town of El Soberbio 25km away.

There are 3 daily bus schedules to get to El Soberbio and return to Madre Selva.

What does limited internet mean?

We do not have wifi availability every day or all the time. There are specific times only on some days of the week to connect to Wi-Fi and be able to talk with family members. We clarify that the signal is sometimes very bad due to storms and because the power goes out constantly and we can't even have internet on those days.

Is there a cellular signal (mobile data)?

If they have a Chip with data, they can access the signal in very few areas of the place. It is intermittent and unstable.

What mobile data telephony serves in the area?

The most recommended is Claro. 

How is the accommodation?

The accommodation is in shared yurts for two people, circular wooden structures, covered with plastic, including the floor (imitating a tent), they are high, you can stand inside, the beds are wooden bases each with its mattress. . There are wooden furniture to store personal belongings and clothes. They have electricity and charging points for electronic devices.

Do I need to bring bedding?

Yes, you must bring your bedding, bearing in mind that the winters are cold and the

hot summers. We recommend sleeping bags up to 0 degrees (or less) for winters and sheet sets for summers. We also do not have pillows available.

Do they have electricity?

It has electricity from the federal network and from gasoline engines.

What kind of food will we get?

Ovo-lacto-vegetarian most of the time. Sometimes you eat chicken, raised right here in Madre Selva. It is not forbidden to eat meat, if someone wants or needs they can buy their meat and prepare it here.

Who is going to cook?

There is a kitchen team designed for this need. However, teams of Loving Services are made that are in charge of preparing breakfast some days (it is a very simple and quick menu to prepare) and heating the dinner that the kitchen team has already left ready. On weekends the food preparation is voluntary, those who want and want to prepare the food for everyone. The normal thing is that a very beautiful atmosphere of sharing is generated around the food and it is not a burden or obligation to cook, it is an act of service and of sharing love with the creations in the kitchen.

Can I come as a trainee if I need a special diet?

If possible, it is important to share what special diet you have to see if it is possible to accommodate it to the menus that we handle, if it is very strict and completely leaves the Madre Selva menu, the apprentice must take care of the food and the preparation of your diet .

Can I come with my children?

Children are not accepted in the volunteer apprenticeship program.

Do I need special vaccinations?

It is a dengue and yellow fever area, we recommend having the specific vaccines.

Do I need a visa?

You can check the necessary visas here:

How is the drinking water situation?

We have drinking water of the highest quality

How is the weather situation?

Depending on the season in which you come, it is very different. The Summer season is very hot between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius. Autumn and spring between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and winter can be between 5 to 15 degrees. Likewise, the jungle area makes the climate very varied. It rains a lot, there is a lot of humidity, there are sunny and hot days in winter and in autumn and spring it can lead to very cold days with low temperatures. It is best to come prepared for both climates and bring appropriate clothing for constant rain.

Will there be someone who is responsible for the Volunteers and speaks English?

If there is someone who is in charge of the volunteers who speaks basic English, it is very important that everyone who comes speaks Spanish and can hold a conversation in this language.

How far is the next health center?

The next doctor is approx 1 km away. There are also a large number of doctors in

the next town El Soberbio (25 km) and in San Vicente (85 km)

How far is the next hospital?

The Hospital and Private Clinics are located in El Soberbio (25km) and in San Vicente


Do I have to pay a daily contribution while in the program?

Yes, the program has a cost of 125 euros per month. Includes practical pedagogical process, theoretical classes, 3 meals a day, lodging in yurts and 50% discount for the IPC convergence and conference.

Will I be able to leave Colonia El Paraíso on days off to go on adventures?

You can do it. There are bus services to different towns and excursions that

allow you to move. The days to leave the place for excursions are Saturday afternoons and Sundays all day. The rest of the days you can go for a walk to nearby viewpoints during the afternoons that there are no scheduled classes.

Do I have to volunteer at the Conference or Convergence if I am a trainee BEFORE the event?

No. If you wish, you are free to be a full participant. This is defined when doing

the agreement of your volunteering period, where you know what day you start and what day you end up.

Will I have to pay the full price for the Convergence and the Conference, even if I volunteer a trainee long before the event?

All apprentice volunteers BEFORE and AFTER the event have a 50% discount on the convergence and conference of the event in the month of November 2022. Clarifying that they must participate in the apprentice program for at least 3 months.

If I am an apprentice volunteer during the event, can I enter the convergence and conference as a participant? Do I have to pay for the event?

Apprentice volunteers DURING the event should not pay to be at the event, but we clarify that the support hours DURING the event are different from the days BEFORE AND AFTER. During the event there will be another dynamic in shifts, they can be up to 8 hours. If you want to enter the event, it must be when your support turn ends, so you will not have your 100% time to be in the entire event.

Are there vehicles we can use on site?

Site vehicles are for emergencies, material mobility, and purchases of

products. They are not for free use by trainee volunteers, or to be picked up in town, dropped off, or used on days off for field trips.

What would be the ideal dress?

The ideal is to be able to understand the hot and cold seasons, and bring clothes for each of them.

them in case you are for a prolonged period. It is a rainy place and it would be ideal to have a set of pants and a jacket/rain jacket that allows you to move comfortably. Several changes of clothes (several changes or sets) are important, since it rains a lot and it is possible that the clothes sometimes do not dry enough or are dirty. 

We recommend long and comfortable pants, rain boots, long-sleeved shirts both for the sun and for working in the field in the cold. Cap or sun hat. Avoid white or light clothing because red soil stains everything.

Is it possible to walk along the local paths?

It is possible and it is recommended. Always indicating or leaving said where he will go to

volunteer manager.

Is it possible to enter the jungle areas alone?

It is possible, but it is not recommended as it is very easy to lose your orientation and get lost.

That is why we recommend that we only enter the jungle in the different tours that we will do.

her as a group.

What do the local people live on?

Most of the local people are subsistence farmers, that is, they produce different products that they sell and with this they manage the needs they have.

They mainly produce yerba mate, tobacco, citronella and vegetable sponge.

Are there nearby nature reserves that can be visited?

If they exist. The largest is the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (250,000 hectares) declared

by UNESCO, the Parque Estadual do Turvo (50,000 hectares) in Brazil and then there are several

smaller reserves such as Yasí Yateré, Moconá Provincial Park, Parque

Provincial Salto Encantado and many other protected areas.

Are there national or international natural wonders in the area?

Yes, there is a national natural wonder in the area, the Moconá waterfalls.

In the province of Misiones, at a distance of 300 km from Colonia El Paraíso, there are

Iguazu Falls.

How many km of dirt road must I do from the pavement to reach the place of the Convergence?

You must travel 2km from the Pavement (excellent condition) to the space of the


What is the nearest bus terminal?

The closest bus terminal is El Soberbio, which is about 25km from the space

of the convergence. From there you have 3 daily bus schedules that bring you to Madre Selva.

Will you have products for sale related to Permaculture at the volunteer site?

If there is a store of various products around permaculture and agroecological productions that we develop in Madre Selva: tobacco, yerba mate, sugar, cassava talc, vegetable sponge, Phyto cosmetics and others.

Will there be classes during the apprenticeship program?

The volunteering experience is educational in its essence, since all

participants learn by doing. In addition, according to the needs of the equipment

(trainee volunteers and members of Ná Lu'um), 2 or 3 classes will be given each week, always within the context of the activities that are taking place at that time.

Will I be able to take a PDC as a Trainee Volunteer?

Base Volunteers who wish to undertake a PDC must suspend their volunteering activities

volunteer to do it. When previously agreed with the Coordinator of

volunteers, the volunteering process can continue at the end of the PDC. This must be previously agreed and those who participate in the PDC must bear the cost of it.