Tour Regional

One of the classic activities of the IPCs has been for a long time the development of visits to local projects, that is, in the areas near the place where the face-to-face event will take place (Eco-Centro Madre Selva-Colonia Paraiso-El Soberbio- Misiones-Argentina).
La idea es poder recorrer durante un par de días (23 y 24 de Noviembre) diferentes proyectos de la zona, que han tomado a la Permacultura como una línea de trabajo.

Most of the projects that will be visited have protected natural areas, natural constructions, production systems associated with the jungle, community organization and work management among all around agroecological certification.

Undoubtedly, a series of very interesting projects located in the area of influence of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve. An incredible opportunity to see permaculture systems in subtropical jungle areas.

A highly recommended experience, which will allow you to enjoy a set of places that have been carrying out regenerative processes for several years in an area that greatly needs them.