teacher training

The idea of this course-workshop is to empower yourself in a transformative experience from a different perspective of carrying out the facilitations around Permaculture.

Empower yourself to be able to carry out changes and regenerations of being, of society and of the landscape through a comprehensive and holistic pedagogical proposal.

This teacher training course seeks to improve and expand skills, apart from giving you tools to move in a more versatile, attractive and effective way.

This course uses a comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching to work on the teaching of permaculture, its methods, its techniques, its bases, ethics, principles, starting from the complex realities that are needed.

Empowering yourself in this teaching-learning process is a very important part of new ways of sharing permaculture in different social and cultural contexts, seeking to generate seeds in each participant of our experiences that can generate forests of abundance of knowledge and wisdom.
The dates of this trip will be from November 13 to 17, 2022 and 100 participants will be the maximum quota.


Join a Regenerative Education experience!