What and who is Na Lu'um?

We are a Planetary Regeneration movement that dignifies life and transforms consciousness for the creation of a new Social Ecosystem. It was born 20 years ago in the Yucatan Peninsula and moves around different parts of the world developing projects that benefit thousands of people, around the Regeneration of Being, Society and Landscape.

The invitation is to offer them the opportunity to see other ways of doing things. It is to invite them to experience a path of transformation in their lives that allows them to make sense of their lives and thus begin to be part of this largest planetary regeneration project in the history of humanity.


A global family that comes together for a purpose, the care of the earth, of the people and the interaction between the two systems in harmony to achieve a balance in the life of the planet.

General coordinators

Beatrice Ramirez Designer, Builder & Land Martinez Designer, Farmer, Builder


Together working on a dream that united them as a couple, as a family and as colleagues, in planetary regeneration. They met in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Mexico, where they joined in a project in the Noh bec Community near Carrillo Puerto in the Riviera Maya. Doing and living permaculture, they had their first baby, Sophia Martínez, in Playa del Carmen. Later they lived in Cancun, implementing a permacultural system in the middle of the city where they gave modular courses on urban permaculture, one of the pioneers in the area.
Shortly after becoming parents, they went out to promote permaculture in the Dominican Republic in a project in Punta Cana, where they had their second baby, Itiba Martínez.

The 4 went out to explore and learn together the art of sustainability with the methodology of permaculture design. They focused a lot on regenerative education, since they wanted another form of education for their daughters, so they trained in different educational methodologies. They began to put into practice what they learned, both in their daughters and in their courses and workshops, creating the methodology that today characterizes them in the world of permaculture and alternative education. This methodology shows us that if we do not make a change from our being, making each and every one of us responsible for our actions, the change will not be real, as Gandhi says "be the change you want to see in the world".

Somehow we were able to unite the ancestral knowledge of our grandparents from Latin America with the theory of permaculture, generating this Ná Lu'um methodology that leads us to work in three phases; reengineering of being, a deep social experience and abundance in the landscape. We feel that these 3 aspects are the most important to work on. When we have the foundations of being and interaction with other systems well established, we learn the theory more easily and we know with what criteria to use it.

Today we are very disconnected, both from our own being and from others, not to mention nature and the environment in which we live. The existing system in society has led us to not knowing how to live in more connected ways. This has led us to travel the world with our courses and workshops, where we work in very deep ways on that reengineering of being to relearn how to know ourselves internally and thus be able to find our true mission in this life, and therefore come out of it empowered.

We learn that with little we can live, enjoy, appreciate what life and the environment gives us, and connect with our emotions and know how to understand them.


Together with the theory of permaculture, we generate that people learn to design their projects, their lives and their dreams.

We know that it is necessary for us to generate a change in the way we are acting today, so our focus is that we make the unconscious conscious to make real changes. Our courses and workshops are practical theoretical because we know that when we do it, our subconscious assimilates it better.

Courses and workshops

Permaculture Design

social design


Organic agriculture

Holistic management of land and water

hydrological design

systemic leadership

Permaculture Diploma

They are short, medium and long term courses.

For more information visit the official website of the Ná Lu´um Permaculture Institute: