It's been 2 long years of uncertainty and not knowing what to do. It is as if many projects, many people and many movements had been checkmated, in some cases diminished in their functions or some strengthened by having a clarity or a light of where to go in times of quite interesting darkness. .
The analysis of what has happened, the lines of work towards which most of the world's permaculturists are heading, may have been held back in order to be able to make an analysis of a new reality that we had not thought of, prepared for, and much less designed.

Right now it's time to turn our gaze to be able to see where to direct our path, glimpse how the dreams of each person, each project, each movement emerge and seek in each one of them the power to clarify them from an understanding of our own truths and the construction of a new world from a super regenerative thought and from a multi-systemic vision and understanding of reality and future possibilities.

The IPC 14 is an invitation to be able to co-create these experiences, it is a possibility to recover our deepest dreams and it is an opportunity to continue growing and expanding our wings in search of freedom.

We know that a challenge of this magnitude is not an easy thing, but if we all work on it, from our abilities and potentialities, without a doubt it will be an incredible experience of growth and transformation.
These moments require deep, clear and sweet thoughts that can be spread to others so that Planetary Regeneration provides a restructuring that empowers, vitalizes and improves people, processes, projects and Permaculture movements in the world.

Without a doubt, we are waiting for you.
Do you join this experience?