Message from the hosts

general invitation

The IPC14 2022 cordially invites you to join this World Movement for the regeneration of the earth and the regeneration of the social fabric, with Permaculture tools that teach us to design more sustainable projects in harmony with nature and beings. that inhabit it.



This coming year activists from all over the world will meet with the desire to generate new strategies for change in the world, from its different forms and ways of putting Permaculture into practice.

This year it will be held in Latin America, and it is very important for us that it be in these areas since Latin America is suffering from the devastation of its territories and its biodiversity, and also from a lot of violence, envy, frustration and demoralization of the population thanks to the social system that they are imposing on us; our original peoples are fighting to take care of their culture and that it continue to remain, for their lands that were inherited and cared for for hundreds of years by their ancestors, and that today due to the ambition of the human being, they are losing them and therefore the culture is lost local, to give way to a culture of devastation and unconsciousness about how to co-exist on this planet; the ignorance of human beings and the comfort of a supposedly better life is leading us to lose territories that for a long time were places that sustained the greatest diversity on the planet.

Latin America is getting up in the face of all this that is happening. We believe that it is key that this meeting takes place in this area, where Argentina and South America are suffering the devastation and desertification of their lands due to monocultures, and losing the diversity of their native seeds, giving way to a series of agrochemicals that only they sicken and make the earth sick, we eat only junk food, full of chemicals.


The grandparents are coming together to give us one last message, to work together for a single purpose: the regeneration of mother earth and the regeneration of the social fabric. This movement tries to unite all movements that want to be part of something bigger, and understand that it is time for change, to leave the I for the We. The IPC is held every 2 years so that the Permaculture Movement knows that there are spaces to recognize and learn from others.