The incredible 3 days of the conference will be full of presentations, demonstrations and ideas about the Permaculture design philosophy applied to the aforementioned sub-themes looking for real solutions, and concrete practices that aim us to create the necessary foundations not only to generate self-sufficiency, but so that life on the planet is possible.

We seek in this space of 3 days, to achieve an experience that works the different themes from a deeper approach, opening the opportunities for the presentation of the papers to people from different lines regarding permaculture and other schools of systemic thought around sustainable living and regeneration applied to educational processes.

We feel that it will be a wonderful experience open to a public that is anxiously waiting for new lines of regeneration of being, society and landscape and that sees the urgent need for this to be the daily life of our children and young people.


The Conference will take place in
the Eco-Center and Permacultural Villa Madre Selva,
in the province of Misiones-Argentina,
of November 18 to 20, 2022.