If you have an alternative project, whose principles are care for the Earth, care for People, and Fair Distribution, we invite you to contact us to join this Great Alliance for the Earth; If you belong to any association that is fighting for human rights from different ideologies, if you are in favor of world peace and you are tired of the same thing, join and come to participate in the design of a united and alive world movement, a movement organic, which seeks diversity of thought, to strengthen its ties and its actions.

We invite you to contact us to find out what you want to join; for this we need a lot of help, from generating local, regional and national convergences to unite from our territories. We invite all the young people who are carrying out innovative projects to come and show their processes, to the boys and girls who are already experiencing this change, to alternative schools, teachers and educators who want to regenerate education. Come design with us the social movement that we want in the world from unity and respect for diversity. Let's talk about the problems and generate concrete solutions to face these new times that are unknown to everyone.

The children, the young people and Regenerative Education are the key to the recovery of the social fabric, starting from that deep work of regenerating ourselves as a society, we can go to take care of the Earth that sustains us and will continue to sustain us. It depends on each and every one of the human beings that inhabit this earth that this happens, it is no longer the work of a few but of all, so as not to accede to what the governments impose on us, to take care of each other so that the mafias stop to exist and that we generate a deeper care for life, the art of living happily in order to die happily.