Times change and the only constant we have in our design processes is Change. That is why within the structures of the IPC's we are innovating in two ways to be able to be with you, unite and face the great challenges that the inhabitants of this world face.

We have thought a lot after these 2 years of planetary suspense and we visualize that we really must reach more people, offering alternatives for all tastes.

That is why we will be developing 2 large lines of events. One of them is the traditional version of an event at the face-to-face level, as the previous IPCs have been (PDC, Conference, Convergence, Visit to Projects, Etc) and the other is an On Line version that will seek to arrive with a large number of presentations. and master conferences, at the same time that it will contain a series of summits at continental levels (5 days) and a World Summit, for another 5 days.

This gives us an experience that is not only inclusive, but also envisions a union between the different permaculture movements and allows different experiences to be carried out, reaching a large number of people who had not been reached before. More climates, more cultures and more ecosystems will be those that will be able to enjoy this new line of the event, at the same time that we will be able to learn more about the work that is carried out in remote areas to which we could not reach and the inhabitants of them, did not have the chance to travel to international events like these.

We feel that we opened the gap on a new path. A blended path, a path of integration, change and regeneration.

Let's go for it!!!!