We invite you to be part of the Apprentice Volunteer Program for the IPC 14 that will be taking place in Misiones-Argentina, at the main headquarters of Movimiento Nálu'um: Eco-Centro Madre Selva.

The apprentice program is an experience that helps us to develop the IPC through an educational process allowing us to achieve certain objectives of the organization of an event of such magnitude as this, at the same time that transforming experiences of consciousness around permaculture are generated, regenerative education and sustainability for all program participants.

Apprentice volunteers will live an immersion experience in Madre Selva, for 3, 6 or 9 months, depending on their availability. Participation is open from May 2022. There are 3 stages of the program: Before the event, during or after the Event. The apprentice can choose whether to come to one stage, two, or all.

During this immersion, they will have a practical day of 6 hours a day in the learning area they choose and the most that catches their attention, such as: bioconstruction, organic agriculture, agroforestry, cooking and food production, technologies for energy efficiency, systems for the use sustainable water management, community action programs and/or nursery and reproduction of native plants. In this practical day, they will have an expert leader in the area who will guide them in their functions and in the project that is being carried out at that moment. In addition to practical learning, in the afternoon they will receive 2 or 3 weekly theoretical classes that delve into the topics that are being worked on during the practices.

The Nálu'um Movement is characterized by learning from living experience, from practical work, we have verified through our 20 years of experience that information is internalized from action, that is why it is what we propose most in this and in all our programs. 


The program includes full meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as lodging in shared Yurts for 2 people, each with two wooden bases and a mattress to enjoy a good rest, wooden furniture to organize your personal belongings and electricity to have light inside and charge electronic devices.

Living a life experience like this invites you to transform the way you see your internal world and the way you relate to your external world. Sharing and living in common-unity with all the beings around you is a beautiful tool to get to know yourself in depth and be more aware of your actions, thoughts and attitudes. Beyond knowing and learning the principles of permaculture as such, we want to offer you a complete program that allows you to LIVE permaculture from a social, ecological and internal vision, that you can bring theory to life, that you can experience what it is like to live in harmony and coherence with what permaculture and the vision of sustainability promote. It is a process of self-knowledge and reconnection with Mother Earth, going back to the source, to the simple, to the essential is a deep work with our being.

We invite you to download the PDF document containing all the detailed information on the program and to visit the frequently asked questions session to answer all your questions. Only after carefully reading the document and the frequently asked questions, fill out this registration form with your information to continue with the process: